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How To Reach Your Goals


Importance of Goal Setting

Everyone has goals in life. Sometimes we have single goal,sometimes we have many goals and do not know where to start and how to maintain the enthusiasm for reaching our goals.

Goals can come in small and big size both,short terms goals are as important as long term goals and we need to choose both types of goal in our life. For example,short term goal would be save money for bills next month and long term goal could be saving for retirement funds.

I have goals and given up many times,I have found three ways to be motivated to keep going until I reach my final goal and maintain it and I thought of sharing it here for all of you so we can all achieve the final result and be successful at reaching the goal.

If You Could Achieve One Goal in 24 Hours

There are 3 Tips to Achieve and Maintaining your Goals. Before you set a time to set your goals for your life,you should also check to see if going after that goal is current time is worth the effort. Making choices for goals can be time consuming but it sure saves headache and time later on to make sure your goals are fit for the lifestyle you are going after.

1.Set Target for Your Goal:

Having a goal that is measurable,specific and realistic makes a difference. We can have short term and long term goals. Long terms goals can be broken down in to a smaller chunks to make it easier to achieve.

For example,losing weight is a general goal that is not specific. You want to have a goal such as losing 30 lbs in 12 months is measurable,specific and realistic. That yearly goal can be broken in to monthly or weekly tasks that will help you keep motivated throughout the year to keep working on the goal and maintain it once you achieve it.
2. See final results and Benefits of the Goal

Many of us make goals and resolutions but give up on half way through. It is because we do not see the final end result or benefits of reaching that goal. It could be losing weight goal,final result could be looking great in any outfit,beautiful for girls and handsome for men. Being attractive to opposite sex is a great confidence booster for any of us,keeping that in mind,we should continue to work on the goal,when going gets tough.

When things are hard,think of the final results and benefit of reaching that goal to keep focus until we reach the goal.

3. List the Goal Obstacles

Many times,reaching goals can be tough as people do not think of any possible setbacks or obstacles that can come between reaching the goal. Nothing is easy in life,at least not so much cakewalk. Having a right expectations and back up plans always helps when obstacles come in between you and your goal to make you successful or looking beautiful.

Keeping commitment and focus to keep going to reach the final results is necessary to reach any goal for most of us. Sometimes we want results overnight,losing weight,becoming financially free or getting success can take time sometimes and patience is a great virtue for it. Once you finally reach your goal through obstacles and issues,your confidence and self esteem will soar and you will be able to tackle more goals to make your self more successful at whatever you desire.