Keeping Positive With Negative People


All of us sometimes have to deal with negative people that simply drains our energy and our wit. Sometimes we can avoid these people to catch a breath and other times, we may not be able to, specially, if that person happens to be a relative, co-worker, boss. How to we deal with negative people depends on our own thinking and perspective. Some might say “Do not let him/her get to you” or “Just ignore them” type of suggestions, but sometimes it is not so simple to just do that. For that we need to cultivate our mind and habit to a point where whatever someone says or behaves does not affect us.

Meanwhile, we can not get rid of people in our life, politics, jealousy, anger, negativity in people affects us. As humans tend to be social creatures and we have social need, we will bound to find occasionally people who may drive us crazy with their negative thinking.

How to Deal With Negative People

While we may wish to eliminate negativity from world, until that happens we can use these simple tips to dealing with these people bit easier on us.

1.Place limits or restrictions:

Having no limits can give anyone free reign to do as they wish, so set limit. Such as if someone keeps saying bad words or keeps on complaining, tell them to stop or redirect the conversation.

2. Find Protection

Let’s face it, sometimes we are more sensitive and vulnerable to criticism or constant negativity. During those time, find some protection to help you such as take trusted friend when you are meeting a negative person. Make sure you avoid more than require contact with difficult person until you feel ready for it.

3. Push for Positivity.

It is difficult to be positive all the time, but it can be changed. Whenever you think, negativity is starting to affect you, find a inspirational quotes book, go out in fresh air, share a joke with someone, do something you absolutely love to bring back positive balance back in to the life.

4. Redirect or Change the Topic

When conversation is going somewhere, where it becomes awkward and uncomfortable. You can redirect or change the conversation topic subtlety to avoid further negativity.

5. Find Reasons Behind it

Sometimes when we look for “whys” behind someone’s negativity either towards us or someone else, things become little easier to handle and fix. If someone is negative towards you, find out why they feel that way, once you listen to the cause you might be able to fix it, say sorry or move on. Knowing why can help you with solution in some cases.

6. Eat well, Sleep well.

Our energy or positivity is low when we are famished and sleepy. So always try to eat well, sleep well, eat and think healthy to be your best energy level to take each day in best way we can.

7. Find What works for you.

Only you know yourself better than anyone else. So, know what works for you and what situation cause you to stress out and be frustrated. Avoid people, situation that makes you feel out of control and uncomfortable. If you do find situation that is negative, work out a small back up plan to get out of it as soon as you can.

source: Negative People