Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching services in terms of job and career change, feeling healthy in body and mind, being self confident, how to set goal and achieve it, keeping motivated to get your goal to other areas of your life to live a better life with clear direction and without confusion.

Currently, we offer 3 types of coaching via email and skype based personal coaching services to people world wide. If you are interested in personal face to face coaching, we offer it limited base in silicon valley, California. Please click on below to find out more information about our Personal coaching program to live a better life you meant to live.


Many of us working at job where we are not happy, working best to our own ability.  Sometimes we may feel stuck in dead end job, where we may not have career advancement or working in stressful job for little money.

If above describe you, you are not alone. I have been there myself not knowing what to do and how to change my career without making breaking my bank and worry about bills.

Take charge of your own life in your hand by taking steps to find right job or change your current job in to more satisfactory and find success. You can work on;

  • How to talk to your boss for promotion
  • How to be important asset to your company
  • How to talk assertively without being agreesive
  • Learn how to work smart
  • Learn to be leader and team player
  • How to start your own business
  • How to change career without burning bridges
  • How to ask for raise and work on work valuation
  • Continued education and self improvement

Don’t be stuck in job you dislike and get promotion, raise or change career to find success you deserve today!


In order to find happiness and success in life, being healthy and sound mind is important. We provide a services and product in lifestyle solutions to get eat healthy, set up eating program, lose weight and feel great.

Many of us only set up new year resolutions during new year to only lose steam in February and lose sight of our health goal. Make small changes to have a huge difference to be healthy inside and outside body. You will learn;

  • How to eat healthy
  • Learn how to cook quick and healthy meals at home
  • incorporate exercise in daily routine
  • Allow treat to not feel deprived
  • Make lifestyle changes
  • Do not follow trends and fade diets
  • Take vitamins and minerals
  • Smoothies and snacks ideas
  • Learn how to take mini meditation breaks
  • Monthly exercise and menu plan


Personal coaching gets you find your inner potential and opens up hidden talent to find your way to financial freedom, happiness, relationship repair, finding peace.

  • How to eat healthy with menu planning
  • Fitting exercise in your busy schedule
  • How to let go of anger, resentment
  • How to feel motivated and keep positivity
  • How to feel at peace within yourself
  • Financial freedom and budget plan
  • Dealing with negative people
  • Declutter your house, data and thoughts

(Note: We are currently in process of setting up and ironing out coaching services details, if you are interested in our services, look what we offer and send us your interest via contact form and we will contact you as soon as we can)

Please contact us, for further details.

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